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Member wire #119 – Bathroom breaks; How to manage the NMW hike


HR Zone Members Newswire Issue 119
4 October 2005

1. Bathroom breaks
2. What’s the answer? National Minimum Wage increase
3. The Couch?! Demands an SOS office makeover
4. News in Brief: CBI calls time on Tribunal reforms
5. Any Answers: Should I outsource? Bank holiday pay during OML

Editor’s note
All work and no bathroom breaks can make a receptionist rather
desperate. This week Linda Parrott asks for your advice on how
to balance the negative attitudes of staff who are supposed to
but don’t cover reception during breaks and the receptionist who
is rather tired of being caught short. Can you help?

Talking of bum deals, check out the Couch?! which investigates
your office pet hates including in number one place, cheap
toilet roll:


Annie Hayes MCIPD
mailto:[email protected]

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Welcome new members
This week, HR Zone welcomes members from the following
organisations, among others, to the site:

Bayes Solutions; Accountancy Additions; Atos Origin; Historic
Royal Palaces; Sheffield City Council; Human Resource Answers
Ltd; easyJet; SSR Personnel; Glasgow Royal Infirmary; West
Lothian Council; First Assist; MentorPath; Career Providers Ltd;
Beacon Property Management; Wrigleys; HR & Training Consultants;
Hewitt Associates; MBNA Europe Bank Ltd; IMD Group; London Waste

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Any Answers Answered
Catch up on the latest answers supplied by members at ‘Any
Answers’ and reflect on the issues at hand:

Pre-employment medicals
Caroline Miles gets your advice on how to manage without an OH

Bank holiday pay during OML
Cheryl Adams gathers your thoughts on how to settle bank holiday
allowances during a period of ordinary maternity leave.

Should I outsource?
Iain Young and Alex Grundy share their payroll experiences.

Employing Non-UK Nationals, Overseas Recruitment Strategies
Thursday 1st December 2005, Thistle Lancaster Gate, London
Eight in 10 UK employers recruit form overseas. How can
organisations tackle issues of discrimination and integration?
For more information on this conference visit
Book by 15th October and receive a 15% Early Bird discount.

Share your views
Catch-up with the latest questions being asked by the community
and add your answers at:

Kirsten Newman is looking for some tips on rolling out an
employee referral scheme.

Redundancy: have you got any fair selection criteria you can
share with Alison Gray?

Can you recommend a package that will assess PC literacy?

Read all the latest questions and add your own:

Members’ corner
What’s the answer? National Minimum Wage increase
“This is the first time I have been in charge of HR when the NMW
has increased and I am looking for some advice. Other than
ensuring all employees are paid at least the NMW is there
anything else I have to do?” Find out at:

News in Brief: CBI calls time on Tribunal reforms
See our at-a-glance news round up including the end of the Gate
Gourmet dispute, why the bosses’ group believes the tribunal
reforms aren’t far reaching enough and what employers think of
the statutory dispute regulations one year on.

The Couch?! Demands an SOS office makeover
Adorable labradors aside; what office workers really want from
their toilet roll is it for to be of the soft, long and very
velvety variety with as little likeness to sandpaper as

Practical ways to manage your company’s fleet risk
We believe that a practical answer to the current fleet duty of
care issues is the best support we can offer you, rather than
producing yet another warning over the importance of this issue.
ING’s Risk Assist product addresses the needs of all your
employees who drive on company business.

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Annie Hayes


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