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Member’s Tip: Breaking into HR


HR Director Keith Luxon shares his tips on making that career move into HR.

  • 1) Network like crazy. Don’t rely on adverts but use all your contacts shamelessly. Colleagues at your old employers who may have moved on – track them down, people you have trained or been on courses with again don’t be shy about calling them.
  • 2) It will be difficult to break straight into HR. Look at hybrid roles with a large element of training and development, and a small element of HR. When you are in, over time you can build the HR element.
  • 3) I would consider taking a pure IT training and development job but in an organisation big enough to allow you to develop in the HR field. Again when you are in look for every opportunity to expand your interests.
  • 4) Depending where you are in the country £20K should be achievable for many jobs at the lower end in HR. You may need to apply for lots to get interviews but always seek feedback, look for ways to stand out etc. Market yourself shamelessly.

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    Breaking into HR


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