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Networking still the main route to re-employment


According to research by DBM on re-employment in the high-tech sector, although many professionals use internet job boards, networking remains the most successful solution.

The median time to re-employment in the technology industry was three months – slightly less than the general population (3.2 months).

In contrast to other industries, high technology individuals over 50 fared just as well as their younger counterparts in landing another position at the same or better salary.

One in 10 high-tech workers in transition will likely choose self-employment.

One in two (47 percent) high-tech workers changed industry and 49 percent changed function. Fifty-two percent of those re-employed managed to secure the same or higher salary.

The three functions in the high-tech industry that experienced the greatest churn were sales and marketing, finance/accounting, and general management.

DBM’s tips
If either the contact or his or her assistant indicates he or she is very busy, suggest an appointment before or after normal working hours.

Don’t “do lunch” with a contact you have not previously met. It takes too long and there may be awkward pauses after you have completed your business –a quick coffee may be more appropriate.

No one wants to waste time with someone who is unprepared, so do your homework before showing up. Equip yourself with the information you need to talk intelligently about the challenges and opportunities in the contact’s business.

Always have specific objectives. Ask focused questions about the industry, potential contacts and next steps your contact might advise; limit your requests to those he or she can reasonably deliver.

When appropriate, leave a copy of your resume.
Mail a thank-you note with specific references to your conversation.

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