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New online system for administering your salaries and wages


HR Zone and TrainingZONE are pleased to announce a new service designed to save time and effort for anyone involved in paying wages and salaries to staff.

StaffPay is an easy-to-use online payroll administration system which we have integrated into this site. It handles all kinds of employee records and ensures that weekly and monthly wages and salaries are correctly calculated and paid together with expenses and additional payments where necessary. The underlying software is updated in real-time to ensure that it applies the latest tax rates and that awkward issues such as maternity leave, overtime, etc. are all fully accommodated and correctly calculated.

StaffPay has two huge benefits to companies and employers. It saves you time and effort – which means that you need to spend less money on payroll administration staff or outsourcing services. And it saves you money in never having to update your existing payroll software again.

The system can cope with organisations employing just one part-time secretary, right the way up to companies employing several thousand. To demonstrate our confidence in the system, we have transferred the entire payrolling system for the company running HR Zone and TrainingZONE onto the StaffPay system – that’s 82 staff at the last count!

For very small companies, the system is free to use. Thereafter there is a small payment for the service which works out considerably less than the cost of employing staff to run your own software or doing it all manually.

The system is fully secure and protected as each user has their own password to administer their account – and, of course, it’s always completely up-to-date, no matter how frequently the wages and taxation legislation changes.

This is the first of several value-added services we will be adding this year to HR Zone and TrainingZONE, all designed to help you run your business more smoothly.

You can check out StaffPay now!

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