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NHS unveils advice line for skills framework


The NHS is launching a new helpline to offer advice on its Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF).

The KSF defines and describes the knowledge and skills that NHS staff need to apply in their work to deliver a quality service.

It provides a single, consistent, comprehensive and explicit framework on which to base the review and development for all staff.

The new NHS KSF Advisory Service is set to go live on 18 January and will be available through the existing telephone advice line, established by NHSU.
It will offer practical advice on:

  • The purpose and implications of the NHS KSF for staff

  • The NHS KSF dimensions and levels, including the core skills that relate to everyone’s job in the NHS and the specific skills which relate to particular jobs

  • Ways of preparing for, and managing the outcomes of, personal development reviews

  • Ways of improving job prospects, skills or individuals’ careers through KSF

  • Accessing learning and training courses and opportunities.

The NHS KSF Advisory Service is available on 08000 150 850.

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Annie Hayes


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