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Nine to five slog saps workers’ energy


UK workers only work at their optimum levels for five hours a day, according to recent research.

A study by high street chemist Boots had shown that the average employee loses over 150 minutes a day due to being tired and, if working the usual nine to five, they are only fully awake for up to 45 minutes a day.

The study also found that employees often fall into a ‘slump’ at around 2pm, after their lunch break, lasting one hour and 14 minutes.

Commenting on the research, Boots pharmacist Angela Chalmers said that diet and lifestyle changes can play a part in helping to address this problem: “Our modern day lifestyle often means we can find it tough to stay alert during the nine to five and we have become a nation of slumpers as a result,” she said. “It’s hard to maintain energy levels when you’re stressed out at the office.”

ClickAJob chief executive Yngve Traberg added: “Both employees and employers owe it to themselves to find out where their motivation is and how to use it. Fix the attitude and very often you fix energy problems too.”

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