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Prison staff join the striking queue


Staff working in the prison service including electricians, cooks and maintenance workers are the latest group to threaten strike action over pay. In recent weeks the country has witnessed similar threats from British Airways (BA) and the fire service.

In each case pay won the day. BA staff secured an 8.5% pay rise over three years with a £1000 lump sum to be paid in recognition of attendance while the long-standing fire dispute ended in a 3.5% pay increase to be backdated to last November. Official acceptance by fire service bosses on service modernisation will mean a further pay increase of 4.2%.

The prison strike is being called in protest of a 1% pay offer.

Amicus national secretary John Allot said: “Our members are under paid by their trade’s standard. The contribution they make to the smooth running of the prison and the well-being of the inmates is being totally ignored by the Prison Service.

“We are sending a clear message to the Prison Service that our members will not be treated as second-class citizens. All our members are asking for is fairness and a decent living wage. Our members are taking this action with regret, but this is the only choice they have to get their voice heard.”

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