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This page indexes the various information and resource services currently available throughout HR Zone on the subject of Recruitment. It is one of several Professional Themes where we are categorising the services available from the site.


Within the HR Zone Resource Centre there are a number of dedicated areas relating to Recruitment:

  • Blackwell’s Bookstore list
    • 93 books containing “Recruitment”
    • 54 books containing “Recruiting”
    in the title – try it now!

  • Our Recruitment Resource Centre provides a direct and simple way to contact and recruit professionals in other vertical markets using our established network of Business to Business communities. It’s the best way to reach the widest possible audience of accountants, legal eagles, travel people, customer relationship experts, property people, HR folk, knowledge management experts and trainers

  • For HR Zone and TrainingZONE members looking for new opportunities we have our own listing of HR and training jobs with some of the UK’s top companies

  • Our Expert Guides advice pages include:also well worth a look is the dowloadable book ’21 ways to do better interviews’ in sister-site TrainingZONE’s toolkit area. (A 25 page resource book written by Dick Barton providing a collection of 21 proven and practical tips for making recruitment and interviewing a fairer and more effective process. Suitable for novice interviewers and those with experience.)

  • OneClickHR provide a range of support services including:
    • Application Forms
    • Code of Practice on Recruitment
    • Competency Profiling
    • Effective Recruitment Advertising
    • Employing Graduates: Recruitment, Development and Career Progression
    • Employing Volunteers
    • HR Tips – Employing Temporary Workers
    • HR Tips – Recruitment
    • Induction
    • Offer Letter
    • References
    • Selection Interviews
    • Sourcing Candidates
    • What Records Must I Keep for the Selection of a Candidate
    • Workforce Planning
    • Work Permits

  • Compactlaw offer a range of employment support services including a wide range of contract types for
    • office workers
    • flexible workers and
    • mobile workers.

  • Our presentation of Government pages offers access to advice on

News and Information:

  • Our sister-site LawZONE and employment barrister Daniel Barnett produce a regular Employment Law newsletter – worth keeping a weather eye on for all people involved in recruitment.

    You can subscribe to the newsletter, and check your other subscriptions, by visiting your Personal Profile and clicking on the ‘My Newswires’ tab.

  • LawZONE additionally maintain a directory of legal firms supplying support services which would include recruitment related legal queries. For example, 28 firms list “discrimination” as an area of expertise. To search the LawZONE directory click here.

  • We regularly cover the issue of recruitment in our news pages. Enter ‘recruitment’ into the Search box on that page to list relevant stories.

    Here’s a selection of article titles:

    • A quarter of the workforce feel insecure in their jobs – but not HR!
    • What value science and technology degrees?
    • Employer Branding: The latest fad?
    • A woman’s place is in the office
    • The value of ONE
    • Unhappy workers lead to high staff turnover – what a surprise!
    • Nice recruitment site, shame about the CVs!
    • Recruiting people with disabilities: Are you aware of the issues?

  • There are 63 consultants and trainers who provide recruitment support services. These are listed in the Trainers and Consultants directory (use the keyword search “recruitment” in the directory to find them).

Community Features:

If you’ve got a question about any aspect of recruitment, why not post it to Any Answers? where responses are sent back to you direct.

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