2020 mental wellbeing report: The elephant that never left the room

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Develop a culture of positive mental wellbeing and remove the stigma around mental health in the workplace

Although COVID-19 has shined a light on the importance of mental wellbeing, it still has a long way to go in the workplace.

Earlier in 2020, it was found that poor mental wellbeing is costing UK businesses £45 billion each year.

Plus, our research shows that 11 million UK adults took time off due to poor mental wellbeing in 2020, yet only 38% of them felt comfortable being honest about it to their employer, while others cite physical health issues or simply take annual leave to avoid the conversation all together. Most employers said that mental wellbeing is a key priority for them, but many employees don’t feel that it is.

There seems to be a lack of clarity and honesty – employees need to feel more confident to approach their employers with their concerns around mental wellbeing, whilst employers need to be better equipped to listen and deal with them. 

Our ‘Mental Wellbeing at Work’ report explores the stigma that still exists around mental wellbeing in the workplace from both the employee and employer’s perspective, and how employers can overcome it.

Download our guide for guidance on fostering a culture where employees feel comfortable talking about their mental health.

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