How to increase productivity and create a high-performance mindset

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This whitepaper will provide a deeper insight not only into how HR / L&D Managers can set inspiring goals, but how they can also help influence and increase their people’s productivity and ability to develop a high-performance mindset for achieving them.

You’ll learn how to ensure you’re ticking the right boxes and why when looking for training and development in these areas, ensuring your people are fully equipped to achieve their goals. From reading this whitepaper,  you will have the knowledge about what is needed to facilitate your own and your team’s goals on the front line with commitment from every one of your people, with a few subtle tips and tricks to action from the moment you stop reading.

Key takeaways:

  • Tried and tested tips for effective goal setting and positive performance management
  • Language tips for leaders to influence and boost morale, improve attitude and support goal achievement
  • A technique to provide a deeper understanding of your people and what drives them to be their best
  • An insight into how programmes specifically targeted at equipping people and organisations to achieve their goals affected front line officers and staff from a standardsetting UK police force
  • An introduction to the science behind behavioural change, mindset and conditioning

What you'll learn


At i2i, we teach your people to develop a culture of high performance thinking in your individuals, teams and entire organisation. Working with i2i, you will learn and understand the psychological strategies that help develop, change and inspire success.

We help you to create inspired individuals and teams, who in turn then deliver exceptional and sustained business performance. Our bespoke programmes and solutions are designed specifically to meet the challenges and opportunities facing your business.

Whatever development programme we design for you, we are always focused on delivering significant business improvements for all stakeholders and authentic development for your people, as they take ownership of their role in driving a culture of excellence.

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