How to prepare a performance improvement plan

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Each year your organization has a lot it needs to get done, but it’s hard to reach your goals when your employees aren’t meeting their performance expectations. What should you do if you notice this? Maybe you think immediate disciplinary action is not necessary in this situation, but you certainly don’t want to ignore the problem. When you are in this position, it might be a good time to create a performance improvement plan (PIP).

A PIP plan is much more individualized and detailed than the annual performance appraisal you give to all of your employees, and how you create one should reflect this. A good PIP will talk about specific concerns in that particular employee’s performance and it should address examples of the level of performance desired from that particular employee. In other words, even if you have a performance improvement plan template, you should still only use it as a guide to help you create a personal improvement plan for an individual, not an entire workplace.

There are a many steps to consider when creating an effective PIP, and this free guide will walk you through them:

  • Create General Guidelines for Appraisals
  • Emphasize Consistency Among Supervisors
  • Select the Process for Review
  • Making the Appraisal Meaningful
  • Build an Effective Form
  • Communicate Results

Download this How To now and help your employees meet their performance objectives, so that in turn your organization can better meet its business objectives.

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