How to support women back to work after maternity: a guide for HR

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How can organisations better support women back after maternity leave?

Our new report looks at what women need after maternity to get back to efficiency and full productivity as quickly as possible – and be happier with the process.

We hear from an anonymous new mother on exactly what she wants her employer to understand, a maternity coaching expert on what organisations must do and a respected academic who has a new framework for helping mothers back to the workplace.

Download the report to learn:

  • Why one woman is concerned how her industry is shifting
  • The different scenarios your line managers need to be familiar with
  • Why focusing on culture is an essential part of any post-maternity programme.

…and more. Download our report, in association with Mumsnet and Womba Group, today.

What you'll learn


Mumsnet is the UK’s biggest network for parents and aims to provide knowledge insight and a supportive community. WOMBA Group is a maternity coaching consultancy offering tailored programmes to ensure that the right support and expertise is available to both colleagues and managers at every stage of transition in and out of work.

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