Identify and close Employee Experience gaps to drive breakthrough business results

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Success is not a straight line. And your employees are one of the main reasons it can inexplicably swerve. That’s because an average employee’s experience is typically turbulent throughout his or her tenure, which in turn leads to engagement volatility. Ripples in your employee experience are often overlooked yet have a strong influence on the tides of economic performance.

So much so, that companies who prioritise employee experience have four times the average profit and more than twice the average revenue compared to those who don’t! These are companies that are putting people at the center of their business and evolving HCM into HXM – Human Experience Management. 

Watch the webinar with IDC and SAP SuccessFactors to get best practices in good employee experience and understand the critical role technology plays in employee experience management. 

►    Hear how the power of employee experience – the sum of all interactions an employee has with their employer – is finally coming to the fore and is inextricably linked to customer experience.
►    Gain insights into why HR data has traditionally told organisations what is happening but struggled to explain the ‘why’ until now. 
►    Discover why the importance of regularly evolving listening programs over time to track employee sentiment is critical to organisational success. 

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