Taking control of business disruption: how HR technology can drive productivity

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Business disruption is coming our way and while technology advancement is a huge driving force behind this, tackling low productivity levels is also paramount to thriving in the future workplace.

So, how should HR respond to the productivity challenge?

In this whitepaper, Barry Flack, People, Culture and HR Technology Expert, explores the great opportunity HR has to harness the power of technology, reinvent the employee proposition and tackle the business problem of productivity head on.

This resource aims to give HR professionals the confidence, tools and knowledge to kick-start a plan to boost productivity in their workplace.


What you'll learn


XCD is the only single HR and Payroll solution on the world’s number one cloud platform, Salesforce. Providing an easily configured, online self-service software for forward thinking organisations, XCD allows HR to achieve more of what matters, eliminating the thousands of wasted hours each year. Designed for organisations with over 250 employees who are experiencing business growth or transformation, XCD keeps things simple.

A Culture Pioneers Partner

XCD are proud to align themselves with the Culture Pioneers campaign from HRZone. Believing great company culture plays a crucial role in employee wellbeing, experience, and engagement, XCD want to encourage HR teams and leadership to commit themselves to nurturing high-performing cultures and building outstanding workplaces.


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