The 8 secrets to enhancing employee engagement

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Discover how HR can take the lead in driving engagement and commitment

Discover how HR can take the lead in driving engagement and commitment.

Over the last year we have studied and analysed all of the employee engagement surveys that we conducted, and identified the similarities of high scoring organisations.

The research resulted in 8 secrets, which offer guidance and case studies on how to create organisational wide policies and practices that help drive engagement and commitment. 

What you'll learn

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Effectory International are Europe’s largest independent employee survey specialist and employee engagement experts. Together with our partners, we use the power of employee feedback, high quality dialogue and practical insights to drive employee engagement and continually improve organisational performance.

Effectory International’s focus lies in creating awareness, bottom-up dialogue, and in motivating organisations to use the survey insights to drive engagement and commitment. Our aim is to make employee survey journeys effortless on the one hand, and yet impactful on the other. The near 20 years of experience that we’ve gained and our European roots means we are perfectly positioned to understand the subtle cultural differences, as well as the complex nature of conducting international surveys.

Alongside our work with multinationals, we also maintain a long standing commitment to providing the HR community with accessible, relevant and practically useful insights.

Our services include:

  • The latest and innovative employee survey technology
  • A user friendly survey experience
  • Extensive international benchmarks
  • Short, easy to interpret reports
  • Extensive best practices and advice on driving engagement
  • Follow up tools that help create impact, facilitate bottom-up dialogue and drive key focus areas

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