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Neyber’s 2016 study delivered some really interesting findings, showing how people felt about their financial situation and how their situation differed depending on age and gender. This 2017 study looks to continue those themes, but this year also looks at the topic from the perspective of 500 employers and 10,000 employees. This report will highlight the synergies and disconnects between the two audiences. It seeks to challenge the status quo to ensure we help all parties take steps in the right direction to improve the overall wellbeing of employees and increase productivity for the UK workforce.

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Neyber is a provider of financial employee benefits. We enable employees to reduce borrowing costs with access to affordable loans integrated with payroll – all at no cost to the employer.

Our mission is to pioneer the creation of workplace communities that will enable employees to borrow and save together at fairer rates and to cut credit costs.

As Neyber’s technology integrates with payroll, employers can offer an easy-to-implement workplace financial solution that acts as a key driver for employee engagement, productivity and to reduce stress-related absenteeism.

Through our affordable rates, we have delivered an effective average 5% pay rise to the majority of existing Neyber borrowers, by enabling them to consolidate their debts, saving them up to 20% on monthly debt repayments.

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