The State of OD 2023

An exploration of the field’s definition, skillset, impact and future.

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For HR leaders looking to enhance their value and broaden their capabilities, it is increasingly important to gain a deeper understanding of organisation design, development, and effectiveness (OD).

That’s why HRZone has partnered with People and Transformational HR Ltd and The OD Academy to bring you this comprehensive report on The State of OD in 2023.

Through extensive research, analysis and interviews with OD practitioners across the past nine months, we have developed a paper that showcases the complexities and evolution of OD in a polycrisis era.

The report provides valuable insights and diverse perspectives on the current challenges and opportunities for OD practitioners, alongside a candid exploration of how OD and related functions, in particular HR, should work together.

Discover the exciting potential of OD’s future by downloading our report today!

  • The many definitions of OD 
  • The diverse and nuanced skillset required to excel in OD
  • How the field collaborates with neighbouring functions including HR and L&D
  • The pivotal role the field plays in shaping organisational effectiveness
  • The future of OD


People and Transformational HR (PTHR) is a growing consulting firm in organisation design, performance and people-powered change. A Gold-Standard 4-day working week and Living Wage organisation, PTHR’s mission is “Better Business for a Better World”.

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