Workplace trends 2015: what they mean for you

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We team up with Acas and the CIPD to analyse what the key developments in 2015 will be for you.

In this report, with an introduction from Acas Chair Sir Brendan Barber and CIPD CEO Peter Cheese, we tackle five of the key workplace trends in 2015 and what you need to know about how they will develop throughout the year.

With three contributions per trend, with a contribution from Acas, CIPD and an expert third-party, you’ll find balanced overviews that make use of the latest research and thinking to keep you informed and up-to-date.

The trends are:

  • What will employment relations teach us about building skills and improving productivity in the workplace?
  • What part will a typical contracts play in the future of working life?
  • Will conflict be better managed informally in the workplace?
  • What role will social platforms play in promoting employee voice?
  • Will flexible forms of working be the answer to work-life balance?

What you'll learn

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