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Restless workers struggle to find happiness


A new survey has revealed that 37% of workers are not enjoying their job as much as they used to.

The research by Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks, which looked at attitudes within small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), found that only those workers from the East Midlands, South West and Scotland feel that they are happier in their jobs. The East Midlands has shown the biggest increase in job satisfaction (40%), closely followed by the South West (39%) and Scotland (35%).

Despite the news, 44% of workers across the UK admit to taking fewer days off than they are entitled to, whilst 77% of SME employees also admit that they keep in touch with the office while on holiday.

Mike Williams, general manager of business banking at Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, said: “It’s easy to make assumptions about why people’s enjoyment of their work appears to be declining – the current economic situation being perhaps the most obvious. But when you consider that nearly half of workers admit to taking less than 20 days holiday a year and more than three-quarters keep in touch while on those precious days away from the office, it paints a somewhat different picture.”

Looking nationally, SMEs in the North West and West Midlands appear to have the unhappiest workers in the UK, recording the biggest downturn in enjoyment.

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