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Review: Breaking the Mould


Breaking the Mould
Title: Breaking the Mould
Author: Peter A Hunter
Publisher: Librario Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1904440436
Price: £15.99
Reviewer: Dr. Colin Thompson

`Breaking the Mould` is a revolutionary Performance improvement process that creates a lasting cultural change from the bottom up.

The book explains the `Traditional Consulting` solutions are all driven from the top down. A solution is bought in and is then driven by the consultant or management. The result of driving is that it builds up resistance to the change. The minute the driving stops the status quo returns and the net result of the implementation is minimal.

Implementing change from the bottom up means a number of things according to Peter Hunter as follows:

  • The solutions are the right solutions because the people doing the work have created them.

  • The workforce, by creating and being recognised for creating the solutions, begin to take ownership.

  • When the workforce takes ownership their performance becomes astonishing.

  • Because the workforce are given back their ability to take pride in what they do the corporate culture change is sustained.

`Breaking the Mould` is a repeatable process that produces a measurable and sustained culture change as follows:

  • The `Breaking the Mould` process concentrates on creating ownership instead of performance improvement.

  • The coaching that accompanies the model concentrates on building skills into the team that will allow the process to be self-sustaining when the BtM Facilitator leaves

  • The process produces decisions and progress through progressive transactional change, and more importantly.

  • Through feedback and recognition the process removes frustrations and obstacles to produce the transformational change that is ownership.

  • That ownership produces exceptional performance improvement.

  • This same ownership is available to private sector businesses, local authorities …and the National Health Service.

  • `Breaking the Mould` is not about Questionnaires, Surveys, Analysis, Focus Groups or Training.

  • `Breaking the Mould` is about producing Measurable, Sustainable cultural change.

`Breaking the Mould` is an entirely new way of enabling change in organisations: change, which is both transformational and sustainable. It is the fermentation of ideas that have been growing for the last ten years through the work of Peter Hunter. The process starts from a very simple assumption:

“Everybody wants to do a good job”

Peter has distilled his Corporate experience into the `Breaking the Mould` process to make the same astonishing results available to clients in all industries, public and private whatever the size.

I’ll be honest and say that the way the book is structured and the way it draws you to a natural level of understanding around the point being made is fantastic.

‘Breaking the Mould’ is a book of stories about what happened when people were allowed to be as good as they could be. Stories that tell of how the obstacles and frustrations that stop people from doing a good job were removed in situations ranging from the South American jungle to the Canadian Rockies and the North Sea.

These performance improvements are all about a change in attitude and a change in behaviour. They are about the way that people feel about work. This means that the changes are not dependent on a particular industry or geographical location.

‘Breaking the Mould’ applies in every sector of every industry!

Dr Colin Thompson is Managing Partner of Cavendish – providing the solutions for success

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