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Salary details cloaked in secrecy


Half of workers (53%) keep their salary details a secret from family.

These are the findings of a survey released today by Ceridian, a human resource services provider.

Despite the findings, almost five in ten admit they would like to know what their colleagues earn. Younger workers aged 18-24 years old were most interested in snooping on their friends’ salary packages (72%).

Interestingly one in 33 said they would rather leave a company than ask for a salary increase whilst as many as one in six said they would never dream of asking for a salary increase. Age and sex plays a part with 81% of over 35s feeling more comfortable in confronting the boss with men being more proactive than women.

Piers Hollier, a business psychologist, from Getfeedback, commented: “Ceridian’s survey shows what a status driven society we have become and in this day and age salary clearly represents status. One of the reasons people might choose not to divulge their salary details with their family could be because it puts a cash value on them. This can especially be the case with competitive siblings.”

HR Zone recently reported on figures announced as part of the corporation’s annual report which showed that Stephen Kelly, director of BBC People, earned £431,000 in 2007-08.

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