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‘Slow down’ is PAs Christmas wish to bosses


PAs wish their bosses would apply the brakes to their hectic schedules in the new year.

Recruitment outfit Crone Corkill recently asked PAs what they’d most like to change about their bosses in 2008. For 19 per cent, the resounding response was they should not work so hard.

Further responses included ‘go fishing more’, ‘stop working on holiday’ and ‘leave it to me.’ Sixteen per cent seemed to be concerned for their bosses’ wellbeing, hoping their boss would kick the smoking habit, smile more and stop stressing.

Six per cent said that they wouldn’t want their boss to change at all, whilst 10 per cent of assistants would like a pay rise.

“It’s good to see that PAs have strong relationships with their bosses, they are obviously concerned about them working too hard,” commented Tracy Durrant, managing director of Crone Corkill. “It also shows the simple things like a smile can make a big difference to how you are perceived.”

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Annie Hayes


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