Why effective leadership starts with looking inwards

silhouette of person standing on rock surrounded by body of water symbolising self reflection as a leader and in leadership

How exactly can a ‘good’ or ‘effective’ leader be defined? How we act, manage, engage with others is how we create the conditions which allow others to thrive. This is why, in leadership, we must devote time to self reflection.

Ten ways to inspire and encourage intrapreneurship

clear glass pendant lamps turned on during night time representing intrapraneurs and intrapraneurship

Organisational innovation has never been more important. Harnessing this means learning from and nurturing our risk taking, visionary and resourceful intrapreneurs. With buy-in and direction from leadership, intrapreneurs can add real knowledge and value to organisations.

Human resources: Whose return on whose investment?

white and brown analog wall clock at 10 00 representing that time is precious and limited

Senior teams expect a return on their investments in ‘people’. But this demand fails to account for the personal capital that employees hand over every single day. To thrive, organisations should ask not what they might take, but how they can give.

Barclays discrimination claims: From lip service to lawsuits

person walking on beach during daytime representing a maze

Recent allegations of racial and gender discrimination in a hiring decision at Barclays highlights the damage caused by broken talent management approaches. Deborah Hartung explores five ways to fix this frustratingly common business problem.

Achieving connection: The gold dust of high performance

flock of brown birds flying on blue sky symbolising connection

Connection is key for organisations; connected employees are engaged and better performing employees. Raising the level of connection with our team members requires re-adjusting our priorities and making impactful changes that can be sustained.