How to cultivate a deep work culture


In part two of the ‘Deep Work’ content series, Becky Norman outlines four ways to enable a culture where highly productive, purposeful work can flourish.

Why CQ may be more valuable than IQ


Having a culturally intelligent workforce is increasingly recognised as being hugely beneficial to teamwork, performance, communication and cooperation.

Personal development: is passion a key ingredient for a successful career?


It’s a widely held myth that passion is essential when trying to forge a successful career, but it takes a little more than this for our brains to master new skills. One of the implicit assumptions about work is that we should be passionate about what we do. A lot of anxiety and dissatisfaction occurs […]

Dig deeper: how to take our humanity out of hiding


Our inability to re-humanise our workplaces stems from three detrimental behavioural traps. How can we release ourselves from these harmful habits and get back in touch with our humanity? We’re not making sustainable shifts towards human-focused workplaces because we’re staying superficial when we need to dig deeper. If you’ve been involved in personal development for […]