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Ten powerful quotes on CSR from the Responsible Business Summit 2013


The Responsible Business Summit was held in London on May 7 and 8. It explored the future of sustainability in the business world and how firms can develop a strategy that will enable them to grow while at the same time providing benefit to society. A lot of big questions were asked, with a particular focus on collaboration and the need to listen and respond to a variety of stakeholders. 

Here are some of the strongest, salient points that came out of the event:

  1. “Businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails.”
  2. “We need to give leaders the time, space and resources to think if we want business to drive sustainability transformation.”
  3. “Challenge for big businesses is ensuring HR communicates with centres of talent discovery, such as universities, so needs are aligned.”
  4. “Gap between consumers' values and their actions cannot be closed by focusing on their motivations.”
  5. “Business has come to believe the solution to problems lie within their own resources rather than in collaboration.”
  6. "When we inspire people by explaining why the destination is important, they develop the motivation to see the race through."
  7. "CSR can be very hard for employees to relate to if we don't make it tangible to their everyday working lives."
  8. “CSR isn't a particular programme, it's what we do every day, maximising positive impact and minimising negative impact.”
  9. “Loyalty is to the values of the company, not to the company. If there are no values, there is no loyalty.”

And the winner . . .

"When the wind blows there are those that build walls and then there are those that build windmills."

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Jamie Lawrence

Insights Director

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