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Tips: to boost motivation


StressedWhen the festive break is a distant memory and spring a long way off, the result can mean long faces and heavy hearts. Performance development consultants Maximum Performance have put together the 10 motivating tips to cure that post-holiday malaise.

1) Do something just for you every single day.
You can get caught up in doing things for others ever single day – resolve to set time aside for yourself to do whatever takes your fancy. Make sure the activity is different than what you already do all day long and you will then feel like you have a life.

2) Give yourself credit and a pat on the back when you deserve it.
It’s vital that you recognise yourself for excellent efforts. One way to do this is to keep a file of positive notes, thank you letters and reminders of successful ventures.

3) Strive to learn something new every single day.
Read an article, discuss a new approach with a colleague, research what other organisations are doing – the opportunities for learning are multiplying every day.

4) Make professional contacts and network.
Look up colleagues with whom you have lost touch with and ensure you attend at least one professional meeting a month. You will benefit from friendships and the relationships you develop from participation.

5) Practice professional courage by stepping out of your comfort zone.
Take a stand on an issue and voice what you really think rather than following the crowd. Once you have begun breaking through self imposed barriers you will find that stating your mind gets easier and easier and you will find you are surviving the experience rather than being beaten by it.

6) Listen more than you talk.
Plan this year to listen to all that your co-workers say – you can learn much from them on several levels.

7) Use a planner and track your life goals, your daily engagements and your to do list.
Using a planner allows you to empty much of the daily detail from your mind and gives your mind room for more important thinking! It also ensures that you accomplish your most important priorities.

8) Read voraciously to continue to learn and grow.
Read business books, plus newspapers and magazine – other subjects can enhance your point of view.

9) Take up a new hobby or activity.
If something has always intrigued you, resolve to take the first steps in participating this year – you’ll add a new dimension to your world.

10) Take yourself a little less seriously.
As we strive for business success sometimes we forget to have a joke and actually enjoy the work we are doing. Always try to take time to enjoy and take time to laugh.

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Annie Hayes


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