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TUC and CBI welcome government moves on flexibility


Commenting on the news that a second Labour term would see the establishment of a task force to look at issues concerning flexibility and working parents, TUC General Secretary John Monks said:

“This most welcome announcement offers an advance in workplace rights that the TUC has been advocating for some time. Greater flexibility at work is top of working parents’ list of priorities.

“George Bain, the chair of the new task force has already proved that he can command the confidence of business and unions alike. The social partnership approach to the minimum wage has been successful in improving the lot of millions of low paid workers. Now it looks like similar improvements can be achieved for millions of working parents.”

The Confederation of British Industry reacted positively to the appointment of a task force to consider the implementation of flexible working hours for parents returning to work.

It also welcomed the recognition that this must be done in a way that does not harm the competitive position of business.

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