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Unhappy workers lead to high staff turnover – what a surprise!


Website This is London reports on a Hays Management Consultancy report that says that a third of employees plan to resign within the next two years, although low pay is not the main reason.

The report apparently results from a survey of over 1 million workers in 330 companies across 50 countries.

The main reason for wanting to move fall into the following three areas:

  • Skills and abilities not being properly developed
  • ‘Superiors’ failing to take an interest in career development
  • Lack of clear direction
The people most likely to move are apparently Salespeople who are three times more likely to move than managers, with IT people, hourly paid employees and professionals coming in between.

A spokesperson for Hays said that the survey showed that it was payback time for the ‘hire and fire’ mentality prevalent in the 1980s – a period which severely damaged loyalty to employers. Taking an interest in staff pays off said the spokesperson but those malcontents who stay put can put off other employees.

The report also says that recruitment costs can be as much as 18 months salary, with the inference being that improved retention policies can help profit levels.

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