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Women Rule as Leaders – The American View


In another report in the U.S. based online magazine Business Week the gender war is continued with an article about the way that U.S. businesses are increasingly turning to women for senior positions. They cite opinions that women are less personally motivated, having greater interest for the organisation and for the people who report to them.

But questioning why, if women managers are so good, more don’t reach the very senior posts, such as CEO, it is suggested that many women move into jobs in Human Resources or public relations where there is little chance of moving further.

Another suggestion is that women are biasedly seen as good ‘corporate workhorses’ suitable for middle management positions, but not really cut out for the very top. The argument continues that facing such intransigence, many women move toward an improved work-life balance or to developing their own business, and move away from developing senior corporate management careers.

The glass ceiling becomes a reality again.

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