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Workers choose ‘more responsibility’ over cash



Three out of four workers promoted over the last five years said getting more responsibilities was more important than a pay rise, according to new research.

When asked what one change in their working lives they most wanted from a promotion, the Reed survey of over 3700 workers revealed that directors were the least likely to make gaining more money their first priority, with only 9% citing a pay increase as the most important consideration.

Instead, 75% of directors prioritised more responsibilities and challenges as their most important desire from a promotion, compared to the national average of 73%.

Public sector workers were least likely to make more responsibility and challenge their top priority.

19% of professional staff cited making more money their most important gain from a promotion, compared with just one in ten manufacturing based employees.

Dan Ferrandino Managing Director of Reed said: “People seem to be shifting their emphasis from gaining the best work / life balance towards gaining a fuller life through work. Employers who want to retain valuable staff need to continually offer more challenges rather than just extra cash.”

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