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Workers settle for second best


Just two per cent of the UK workforce are living the dream and doing the job they always wanted to, exposing a nation of workers that are unsatisfied and unfulfilled, according to research by business psychology experts OPP.

The findings reveal that 35 per cent of employees cite a lack of confidence and drive as the major influence holding them back and preventing most from satisfying their ambitions.

However, self-belief isn’t the only factor restraining workers from doing what they really want. Sadly, three times the amount of women as men are being dissuaded from their dream job by a poor salary.

According to the report authors, the result of this is a nation of disappointed workers. Worryingly, over 60 per cent of workers admit that their careers fail to match up to any of their aspirations, whilst nearly seven in 10 say they would choose a different path if they could start again.

Lucy McGee, head of marketing at OPP, said that more thought needs to be put into finding the right career, together with working with the boss to identify strengths and weaknesses and areas of opportunity: “We can’t all be football players or write books, but going for a job which suits our strengths and preferences is the first step towards having a successful career.”

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Annie Hayes


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