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Workshop: Service Standards and Recruitment Agencies


Online Workshop
Workshop: Service Standards and Recruitment Agencies
Tuesday 23 January 2001, 13:00 BST

Many companies use recruitment agencies, temping agencies and search and selection companies in their search for suitable employers. But is one company the same as the next?

I have heard many horror stories, such as when an applicant for a senior position with a multi-national banking group was interviewed whilst the agency interviewer sat with his fish and chips in front of him. Whilst maybe not typical, the example raises questions:

  • how can a client company ensure that the agency promotes the clients image?
  • do client companies explain their requirements to the agency as fully as they could?
  • are agencies guilty of broad trawling and playing numbers games?
  • what standards can a job applicant expect from an agency?
  • do service standard agreements exist between client companies, agencies and applicants?
Join the online discussion at the place and time above to share your views.

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