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World Cup needs HR policy


A survey by Deloitte and Touche of 100 human resources directors has found that most expect employees to ‘take a sickie’ during the World Cup, and they haven’t come up with any plans to deal with this.

The firm’s Jon Clarke, said: “It is worrying that so few have established a formal policy to manage the obvious demand to watch the World Cup. If one employee in 10 calls in sick, it could cause severe disruption to business. HR directors need to tackle the problem before it happens by having a clearly communicated policy.”

The survey also questioned 500 workers, finding that almost one in 10 planned to call in sick to watch games.
Around half said they would listen to the World Cup on the radio, one in four hoped to watch games on TV and a tenth will tune in via the internet.

Do you have any ideas – or need any suggestions – for an HR policy for the World Cup? Join the discussion here!

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