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50 Tax-Saving Ideas for Employers and Employees


Employee benefitsTaxZone, part of HR Zone’s sister site Accounting Web, is currently offering you the opportunity to buy fifty tax saving tips for employers and employees for just 99 pounds plus VAT (that’s under 2 pounds per tip!) as part of a subscription to Ray Chidell’s popular Employee Benefits guide series.

Your initial outlay of £99 + VAT gives you access to the third guide published entitled “50 Tax-Saving Ideas for Employers and Employees” but in addition, you will also gain access to guides on

  • Company vehicles update: fuel/vans
  • Finance Act update: employer-related issues in the new legislation
  • Payments in Lieu of Notice: new Revenue guidance
  • Use of company assets: yachts, holiday homes
  • Living accommodation: exemptions
  • Tax-free benefits: how to extract value tax-free

View sample extracts from the first two guides by clicking on the links below:
Guide 1 extracts on car fuel and tax
Guide 2 extract on Finance Act 2003

David Griffiths, partner of Hard Dowdy said of the guides, “I have found the first Employee Benefits guide to be very useful containing, relevant practical information. This range of guides coupled with the issues of the Newthwire make up a very handy source of reference material which I can read on the train and take to client meetings.”

For further information on the guides, visit Employee Benefits Zone

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