Can anyone help please who employ teams that cover a 24 hour service such as wardens, mobile wardens, phone operators etc?

Working Hours and payment

We have a system, given the operation of our rota system, whereby full time staff do not work a 37 hour week resulting in them ‘owing’ us time which are called payback hours.  The intention was that these hours would be used to ensure staff come in for team meetings and training.  It is also used to payback hours on Bank Holidays and Christmas.  However it is a logistical nightmare to calculate all the hours especially when taking account of leave and when someone starts and leaves employment mid year. We would like to get rid of the payback hours but are looking to see how other organisations manage the hours and rota system.  How do you manage the hours and pay for staff who work shifts and cover 24 hours?

Sleep Shift

Currently staff work a shift of 7 pm to 7 am.  They work (awake) from 7 to 11 pm and then can sleep from 11 to 7 am.  This is a 12 hour shift but they are paid for 8 hours.  How do others operate the sleep in shift?  Do staff have to be awake?

On call/call out time and payment

Currently staff who are then called out on a sleeping shift are allowed half the time back as lieu time and paid for the other half – and time is calculated in 15 minute blocks. 

In addition a 10% shift allowance is paid for working unsociable hours.

I would be grateful for any information about how you deal with the terms and conditions and practicalities of staff working shifts and providing 24 hour cover.