My manager (a director) has been having an affair with another of her direct reports – both of whom are married.

This isn’t the first time the director has had an extra marital affair but it is the first time she has done it with another manager who reports into her (as far as I am aware).

This concerns me as an HR professional as I feel she is putting the business at risk – it only takes a fall out to result in an ET – and I have lost all trust in her decision making abilities.  I worry that when it all falls flat the manager will claim that she took advantage of her position and could leave the business in a difficult position.  Above all, I have lost all professional respect for her to the point where I feel I should look for a role elsewhere.

What are my options here?  I don’t really think I should have to look for another job because of this – but I am struggling to work for someone for whom I have lost all respect and trust.

I love my job and thhe organisation but this is making me feel very uncomfortable.  I had considered raising it formally but I’m concerned that my life would be made very difficult – although the flip side to that is they might offer a compromise agreement which would help me to find something else.

Thanks for any advice