Just wondering if anyone can help me. In our appraisal documentation it asks for the employee to rate themselves in several aspects e.g. quality of work, leadership etc etc. However, an interesting thing has emerged, two members of staff have rated themselves very high on all aspects. Now this would not be a problem if this were to be true but the actual reality is that these 2 people are the ones that are underperforming quite significantly.

I found it bizarre that they were the only 2 to rate themselves like this and are the only 2 two be struggling with their jobs. The director has asked me to investigate why they have rated themselves so highly and what we can do about it. He believes it will be harder to tell people that they are underperforming now he knows what they think of themselves, and it will damage their self confidence. In my opinion they need to be told but I don’t know how.

Any ideas or comments?


Carrie Mansfield

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