I have worked for my current employer for 6 months. On joining the company I was placed on a set salary plus and additional sales bonus scheme. In my intitial interview I was told of annual bonus paid in December each year. I have been advised that as I am on this sales bonus scheme, I am not entitled to the yearly bonus. I have checked my contract and although the yearly bonus is not mentioned, it does not state that I am or am not entitled to it. In the generic staff handbook it states ‘the company also operates an annual bonus scheme, which is dependent on perosnal performance and annual profits of the compnay.’

I was given the reason that I was not entitled to it due to receiving the sales bonus scheme throughout the year (this is target based due to my role being sales). In connection with this query, I was advised that the targets would be reviewed throughout my employment, as they were brand new and unsrue whether realistic and achievable. Also my supporting team member left and was never replaced, so the targets were based on a team of two and have not been amended since she left.

I would like some advice in regards to this, as to whether I have grounds to pursue this any further and question the payment of the yearly bonus. may I add also, that I have only been paid once for target bonus.
B pearce