Can anybody on the forum advise me please?

After a difficult start to 2012 I informed my MD that I thought I was being bullied by three members of staff (I am the site manager). After showing some initial concern no action was taken against the three individuals.
Since then the three have submitted repeated grievances and complaints against me which are still under investigation or appeal.

I was called to a meeting with my MD last week where he told me that I was the problem and that I had lost the goodwill of all staff in my branch along with staff from other branches. I was put under pressure at the meeting to resign on health grounds which I declined I was also told that a restructure would take place and my job as manager would be downgraded along with my salary.

I feel totally isolated and very confused.
This is all painted against a backdrop of poor trading within the company and industry not just my branch.
Any advise would be gratefully received.

Thank you