I went for a job interview recently, immediately after the recruitment agency called me back for feedback. I told them that I had no idea whether the client would offer me the job but was happy with what I did, they asked if I’d take the job, I said I didn’t know and we’d cross that bridge if we came to it – they then asked what would stop me from not taking it, I said pay and length of contract. In fact they were quite pushy to know if I’d take the job if offered. Finally the agency said thanks and that they were supplying other interviewees to the client that day.
Call me suspicious but I could see that my responses might present the agency with a greater willingness to push their other candidates after interview so I asked if my feedback would affect the clients decision, they said the clients decision is a matter for the client and that they’d give the client my feedback.
Now perhaps I was naive but I thought I was giving feedback to the agency on how it went and they were genuinely concerned, I wasn’t aware that we had any open 3 way dialogue going nor was I expecting any, it wasnt positioned as such. I said to the agency I wasn’t happy about them sharing my previous answers with the client – they seemed take aback. I said I was perfectly capable of asking and discussing any pertinent issues with the client during interview and didn’t see the need to feedback via a 3rd party. The agency were none too impressed with this, it was standard practice etc etc. yet I had simply taken the agency at face value and could have unknowingly talked myself out of a job. I do have some confidentiality rights don’t I? Neither should I be placed in a position where I could scupper my chances by sharing my honest rsponses with the agency. If the client knows how I will respond and my reservations surely it’ll affect their decison? Furthermore I am in competition with other candidates from the same agency and I am concerned that the agency may not have my best interests at heart. Your thoughts please.
Juliet LeFevre

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