Hi all,

I do hope that someone out there can make sense of this…

A Director has recruited someone outside of the company to do a role already being done by 2 existing staff. This person is due to start in 2 weeks and the existing members of staff are not aware of what their roles are when the person commences employment – they were not consulted before the recruitment, their role has changed without their knowledge or reason as to why? Therefore is it right/legal that the director recruit?

I feel that both of these people are perfectly capable of doing this position also.

He has also sent out terms and conditions of employment to the new person (without consulting HR)it is all wrong – there is no Job description (to my knowledge)he is also recruiting on a much higher salary than existing staff who perform similar positions.

If one of these exisiting employees – puts in a grievance – gets nowhere – leaves – can they claim constructive dismissal

I do not feel comfortable with the process, and feel that the company has let existing employees down, due to one person’s ignorance to procedure and morals

Can anyone help with this?
Emma Paish