Good Afternoon,

We have 2 sites in the UK – one in England and one in Scotland – therefore in the past we have taken different public/bank holidays.

Ideally we would like both sites to take the same days off – it’s important to the business that we are all working at the same time.

With the exception of the site in Scotland taking the 2nd January while the site in England take the first May Day bank holiday the holidays will be the same.

This has involved changing one of the Scotland site’s holidays from a local holiday (at the end of September) to a national one (end of August).

Should employees have been consulted about this change?

My understanding is that we do not HAVE to take bank holidays and although these are mentioned in contracts they are not specified.

Can I just implement this change without any consultation?

Could employees take any action regarding the implementation of this change? They are not happy about this change so will challenge it.

Many thanks.
Human Resources

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