Our employees have a speicified number of days of Company Sick Pay. We work our sickness year on a rolling year. ie From the first day of absence we look back at the previous 12 months of sickness to see how many days they have of CSP if any. If someone is entitled to 3 weeks CSP and looking back at the past 12 months they have had 4 weeks off in May, i pay them 3 weeks CSP and then SSP for the other week. Is there a rule as to when the CSP should be paid to them again? For example, if somo one has 3 weeks CSP, is off for the whole of May, then the whole of November, and then is off for the whole of the following June, should they then get their 3 weeks CSP again, as it is over 12 months since they previously received CSP?

I have always worked on the fact that if someone is off sick then we have to cover their work, so i treat all sickness the same regardless of whether they have received CSP or just SSP, but i am not sure if this is correct!
Liz Wragg