Dear all,

I am looking for some advice over consolidation of an additional payment scheme, which is currently in place in the organisation I am working in.

The additional payment scheme is based on length of service and a payment of between 3 to 9 percent of basic salary is made in December.

The percentage payments are calculated as follows: – 3% of basic salary after the first complete years service, pro-rata if joining part way through the year, staff need to be in post by the 1st of July and to have completed 6 months continuous service to qualify for a pro-rata amount; 6% after the second year and 9% after the third year and 9% each year from then on.

It is not a bonus scheme and all staff receive the additional payment and the Director’s would like to consolidate the payments into the basic salary.

While the staff on 9% is easier to consoildate as we would just add 9% to their basic salary, the issue for me is trying to form a fair approach when a number of staff are yet on the 9% payment yet.

Any advice or guidance on what would be the best way forward would be excellent.

Many thanks

Kevin Noble

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