I have been employed with the same (private) call centre for six and a half years. Last year I resigned and the Director emailed me to say that he believed he could create a role for me that was more challenging and along the lines of what I wanted to do as I am a very valued member off staff. He confirmed this in a meeting that we had and I agreed to stay.

Six months later I was salaried (before I was hourly paid) and given a small pay rise, however to this day I have never been given a job title, reporting line (or anyone to report to) or job description, despite repeatedly asking for these (both verbally and in writing). Most of the time, I have nothing to do, except the odd project which is usually ignored.

I should add that in the last two years the company has been planning a move, therefore going through a very difficult transition period, they have used this as an excuse for everything saying that matters will improve when we move building, but this keeps being postponed.

On raising my issues I have been told that I do not have a new job and that I just undertake project work and “tasks”. When I asked what my job title was, I told that I am a call advisor, despite the fact I have not picked up the phone in 13 months and I resigned from that position a year ago!! I have explained that I have the right to a written statement of my particulars but I am being told that I cannot officially be given a job because it is illegal to create a job/promote without advertising internally… I thought this was the case in the public sector, but do not believe it to be the case for a private company and think I am being made a fool of. What are the rules?

All I am asking for is to actually work and be recognised rather than be bored to tears all day and not have a reporting line. I get paid a lot for doing very little. Is this asking too much? Do I have a case for constructive dismissal?


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