We have an employee of more than 10 years standing, a skilled worker with a good attitude and an excellent attendance record who has, in the last two years had some difficult personal problems to deal with.

He and I have talked about his problems and I have offered what help and advice I could. I have given him information on depression and on alcohol dependence. I have given him contacts on and off line where he could talk to trained councellors about his problems.

For a few months he seemed to have improved. Last week his Team Leader and the Factory Manager called me into a meeting to express renewed concerns about this man. He had come to work on three occasions and gone home again- twice citing illness and once saying he didn’t want to be at work.

His father and his brother both work here and they report that he will not return their calls and that he will not open the door to them if they go his house. His relationships with his workmates and deteriorating. He seems to think that that everyone is against him.
He has not as yet come into work drunk although I know there have been issues with alcohol in the past.
Unable to conatct him by phone I wrote to him expressing my concerns and asking him to come and see me when he came into work.
He has not come into work and he has not called in sick.
What can I do next? We are a small company and the majority of people here have worked here for a long time. It is like an extended family and people are supportive of each other. There is genuine concern for this man.
Can anyone help

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