I was removed from one particular management post on the grounds of non-performance and requiring development. Without going into it, I am able to show that the senior management claims of non-performance are incorrect, that no support or development opportunities within role were offered, and that the ‘facts’ contained within the closing PDR (done after 7 months)were also incorrect and opinion based.

Nevertheless, the role I was put into was so unlike the original role that it would be difficult to demonstrate development in the areas required. Not only that but the role I was put into was a designated higher-rank post, complete with its own PDR and line-management responsibilities. The higher rank is the next rank I could obtain upon promotion. The previous encumbent was of that higher rank, having held that post for some 3 years and my successor was also of that higher rank. I held that post for 6 months until moved on (again) to allow for the development of my successor.

My requests for the appropriate pay, pension entitlements and employment record entry at that higher-rank were continually refused on the grounds of ‘the circumstances’ under which I came into that role.

I have also been told that because of organisational change I was not able to fully discharge one particular function therefore that meant I was not entitled to the enhanced remuneration etc. This particular function is still absent for my successor.

On the PDR front my line manager (a member of the organisation’s senior management team) agreed that I had successfully identified (and achieved) ways in which I could develop myself and gave me an outstanding review. He also eventually supported my application but was overturned by a member of the executive (who also put a very positive comment on my PDR as second-line manager). Needless to say I am somewhat bemused.

I have taken this up with my support association but would appreciate any impartial opinion/comment.

Thank you

clive hewett