I would appreciate some advice, defending a friend in a case.
To avoid putting the full story on as there is far to much to explain, I just need to understand where the employee stands as my friend has completely cracked up and is under the doctor. believe me he is in a bad way as this investigation has been going on for four weeks now.
My friend has been attending ant meeting as requested and doing everything the company has asked. We were to attend a disciplinary meeting some weeks ago but not enough time was given for my friend to attend so we asked to postpone for twenty four hours whilst we looked at all the evidence and we asked them to supply more info but to date nothing.
Any way the company obliged and cancelled the meeting but said the guy holding the disciplinary meeting can't make the following day due to him going on holiday and not back for 10 days. We put a complaint in saying 10 days is far to long, can someone else not hold it as the employee is very ill with all this.
Along with that request we asked for more info I.e. Disciplinary procedures and copy of contract. They got back and said no one can do it so it will have to wait. Now the time limit as gone and we have heard nothing, but it might be because the friend has been to the doctors and a sick note has been put in but the doctor has said on the sick note he can't attend any work related meetings.
So the question is, what should their next move be as this is completely wrecking my friend. we need to get to a resolution quickly.
Many thanks in advance.
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