Increasingly, despite the Prime Minister’s apparent wish that they would wither on the vine, I am finding that both private and public clients are tweaking the traditional equality impact assessment or analysis model into one that matches their long standing risk assessments for health, safety, environmental and financial pro active planning. Thus, classifications already in use and well known to staff , such as GREEN,AMBER or RED, or HIGH,MEDIUM and LOW, or 1 to 5 etc etc, are being effectively reconciled with what we know as Part 1 (screening) and Part 2 (full impact) stages of an EIA. And of course not only does this approach become immediately more comprehensible to staff it also helps to ensure that like a piece of Blackpool rock, e/d is woven into corporate governance/ human resources/access to services/service user involvement/volunteers/partnerships,stakeholders and contractors as well as bullying and harassment. A one stop shop or holistic approach. As on some other matters, the PM seems behind the times of the real world in which RISK factors must be evaluated! Do you have any similar experience?

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