Hi everyone,
I Need advice for a friend who owns a recruitment agency. She has an employee who is 61 and has been working full time, permanent for the past 2 years as admin assistant. Due to the needs of the business, it is necessary to reduce the employees working days from 5 to 3. The employee wants to work full time and they have no full time position to offer her. They have consulted with her and started this procedure 3 months ago. The employee has asked the agency to look for a full time position for her and she has already been for 1 interview and was unsucessful.
In the meantime this employee is continuing to work full time. What is the best and lawful thing to do? Do they terminate her contract giving the statutory notice? Would this be unfair due to her age?
This employee knows that she will eventually have to leave as she wants to work full time, but seems reluctant
to resign.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
marie smith

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